Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Sadly, it didn't last long because when I reached my mid 20s I started to observe that some clothing styles which I like don't look good on me anymore!

As you can see in my photos, 7 years ago (2010) I still had slim arms but just after 2 years, my arms began to look a bit bigger (2012.)

When I was in college, my friends like to tease me because they know my armpits look nice. Haha!

Now I have noticeably flabby arms and I cannot fit in small-sized shirts anymore! I can't wear them because the arm hole is too tight so I end up buying medium-sized shirts and blouses. This is stressful for me because I still want to fit in my old clothes!

This is really me! I just covered my face because my arms look big in these photos!

I have a small physique and having big arms make it look like my body is not in good shape and proportion. If my arms get bigger, I will look short and fat!

If you can notice, my slim legs are not proportionate to my arms ! Luckily, my arm fats are not too obvious in this photo.

Many of us have that area in our bodies that we are most conscious of and mine is obviously my arms, next is my puson (lower abdomen.) So when I went to Yakson House for another consultation with Director Kim, I told her that I'd like for them to focus on my arms. I want to try the famous Golki Therapy on my arm area! 

In today's innovative age, there are many other slimming salons offering arm-fat reduction. So you might ask, what is the difference of Yakson's Arms Care Program? 

If you have read my previous posts on Golki Therapy. You'll know that Golki improves over-all health because it improves blood circulation. In their Arms Care Program, they minimize fat by treating it with their famous Golki therapy. 

According to their website, Golki Therapy will promote waste discharge through better lymphatic system circulation.This will help restore firmness to your arm muscles and breakdown the fat.

photo copied from Yakson's website :)

My expectations? Well, since I am only getting 10 sessions and these fats below my arms are a product of years and years of eating unhealthy food plus lack of exercise, I can only hope that my arms would at least lose an inch or two and look more firm. 

On my next post, I will share with you my first experience with the Arms Care Treatment! :)

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