I have been receiving the awesomest facial massages from Yakson House and to be able to better share with you this procedure, I did some research. Interestingly, I found a lot of sources on the benefits of facial massage and learned that our facial muscles also require exercise to help keep us looking young!
It is quite obvious that facial massage is a convenient way to exercise our facial muscles.
At Yakson House, their skilled staff can give you facial massages which will help release tension, boost your blood circulation and reduce impurities. But can you do it at home too? Of course.
(If you plan to do regular facial massage at home, please note that it should not exceed 20 minutes, going too long can actually stretch the skin or lengthen facial muscles which will most probably cause the face to sag! Oh no!)
Lucky me because I discovered useful face massage techniques from Yakson House. Though I am not very confident yet so I only trust Yakson House for a more intensive massage, hihi! Since I am a busy mom to a toddler, I can just do some basic steps which I learned on their page.
“Here is how to make our face younger. You need to make your face bright, first. If you already have used many cosmetics and not satisfied yet, try this self massage. Self massage makes the blood circulate more freely, so your face is going to be full of vitality. 
With your lightly clenched hands, massage slowly from side to side. Start from your chin and move to eyebrows and forehead (from bottom to top).” -Yakson House
Want another fact to convince you to do facial massage? Well, incorporating regular face massage into your daily skin care routine will maximize the anti aging benefits of facial treatments and skin care products.
How? Since face massage helps improve blood circulation, the absorption of ingredients will be maximized. Now you can make the most out of the investment you’ve made in your skin care. All these steps will help your skin renew itself and you will definitely reap the benefit of looking younger longer.
Lastly, face massage helps to dispel the signs of stress. It can make you look energized and younger if done correctly and regularly.
Information overload? Not sure if you can do it on your own? Fret not!
Yakson House provides excellent massage to help with the concerns of your unbalanced face problem and generous advice will be given during the treatment to help your face look better (balanced) and smaller. Do not hesitate to ask them questions because they will answer for free! Haha! Also, their staff are also the nicest.
Words are not enough to describe how much I loooove getting facial massages from Yakson House, you have to experience it yourself! You deserve it!
I truly appreciate that Yakson House is sincere in its efforts to promote beauty and health, if you visit their website you will see a lot of helpful information on how you can improve your overall health. I really like their brand a lot and I am sad that my sessions are about to end. On my next review, I will share with you my experience and learnings on abdominal massage so do not forget to drop by again!
If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message, I will also be willing to connect you with Yakson House Makati branch if you are shy to make the first move, hihi.
Thank you so much for spending your precious time reading my post. Together, let’s have a fun beauty journey!

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