We focus a lot on skin care for our faces and bodies but what about caring for our décolletage?
If you’re unfamiliar with the term, décolletage actually means a low-cut neckline. It is also often referred to as the upper part of a woman’s torso, comprising her neck, shoulders, back and chest, that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing.
Our décolletage is a very beautiful and visible part of our bodies BUT it’s also the first area to show the signs of aging due to thinner skin, sun exposure and lack of décolletage care on our part!
Now what can we do?
Here are some tips from Yakson House:
“First, cleanse your chest with the same cleanser you use on your face and follow with a moisturizer. Keeping this area moisturized is the easiest way to prevent aging and dryness. Apply the same treatment on your chest as you do on your face, including any anti-wrinkle creams you may use and always, always follow with sunscreen.”
That is how easy it is!
However, many of us also experience cramped up shoulders or stiffness of the neck and shoulders. Worry no more because Yakson House can help!
At Yakson House, they have Décolleté Care to take care of the décolletage area.
Decollete care is incredibly relaxing massage that has positive influence on decrease stiffness and pain in your shoulder & neck area and improve circulation to the upper body, resulting in healthy and balanced body.
After consistent availment of the Décolleté Care, you can reap the following benefits:
Defined Collarbone
Long and Slim neckline
De-stressed shoulders
Pretty shoulders
The best part? Décolleté Care is included in the Face Resizing Care! That’s hitting two birds in one stone😉
If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to give them a call or drop by.😉
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