When I received an email from Yakson House’s headquarters in Korea, I was so thrilled! They chose me to be this month’s beauty editor!
Because I am a fan Korean skin care and beauty, this was a big deal for me and I was very interested to learn more about Yakson House’s programs.
First question I had to ask was, what makes Yakson House different from other wellness and beauty places? Will Yakson House help me in my “balik alindog” (restoring beauty and appeal) goals? Not that it was all lost, haha, I just want to feel fresh and youthful again!
And so when I researched about Yakson House and the special technique they use in their programs I was fascinated. I think it is great regimen for women and even men who want to improve their appearance in a natural and healthy way. I also believe this is a “need” for worn-out mommies like me! Haha!

Gol-gi or Golki Therapy is Yakson House’s unique skin care technique that restores health and beauty to the face and body using properties of the bones. Invented in 1979 by Chairman Lee Byung-Chul based on the principle of bone tonification, Golki Therapy involves using hand pressure to stimulate the blood flow efficiently. Once blood flow is stimulated, it will help in healing, provide nutrition and clean wastes of the body. This is a natural therapy that will give a person, a healthy beautiful face and body.
The process may involve some pain. This happens when blood is in poor circulation. However, as a person continues therapy blood circulation will improve and the pain should turn into a refreshing sensation.
As you can see below, Golki Therapy is famous for its effective face reduction as it improves asymmetry and elasticity.
(Pictures taken from Yakson House Philippines website.)
These have been proven and various papers have published in the journals of Korean Aesthetic Society. They were also featured on CNN a few years ago, you may want to visit the link here.
Information overload already? Fear not! I will be here to discover and share with you my reviews. I will have separate blog posts about my personal experience, exciting right? I am your willing human guinea pig! Haha!
But kidding aside, all these are safe. Yakson House has over 80 branches in Korea alone, a few in the US, coming soon in Singapore (I saw it in their website) and lucky for us Filipinos because they have a branch in Makati!
If you are interested and you want your facial features to look smaller and balanced without resorting to plastic surgery, book your appointment now:)
They also have the following programs to improve the overall health of the body:
Body-line Care
Breast Care
Pelvis Care
Belly Muscle Care
Curved Legs Care
They are located at G4 Perla Mansion 117, Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village Makati City (landmark: walking distance from Greenbelt 1.) They have a 1+1 promo on most of their programs this month! You can also send me a message so we can visit together:)

 Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

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