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Life in LA) Yakson House Second Review 

Hi^^, I'm Alisha 

Today, I am about to post about beauty care 
that I have been getting in Yakson House. 

I have been having 10 times of beauty care, 
and I am going to write some reviews about it.

First, let me tell you about
the process of beauty care system.

If you get into the Yakson House,
you need to change your clothes to 
comfortable gown.

After changing your clothes, 
enter into the room.

It starts when you lay down 
on the bed. 
They will start care the body part 
you would like to start.

It could be your back and shoulder
or breast and abdomen,  
It totally depends on your body condition
or your preference. 

I started it with shoulder and back intensively
because I had a pain on my waist and shoulder.

It felt so~~ good. 

If it gets done, your face care would start. 
My face was so uneven and kinda bumpy.
However, when the care specialist does massage your face, 
you could feel your whole face is getting 
soft and in shape. 
it mean, you can get V-line on your face FINALLY!

The care specialist let you feel your face 
with your two hands before care starts,
and if you feel your face
after care gets done,
you absolutely could feel the difference
between before and after.

At the end, you are going to get 
face skin care.
The care specialist will recommend you
various types of facial mask packs
for your face skin condition or type.  

Can you see my face with brown facial mask pack?
The reason why I took this photo is 
I wanted to remember the best part of today's care,
so that I can get this care intensively later.

This is my one of favorite facial mask pack. 
I am going to get another one soon.

I was so satisfied with today's care.

My skin was too dry like a desert,
but it turns bright and young now.

L.A weather is always dry,
so I need this care all the time. 

Especially, if I have an important appointment,
I always stop by Yakson house before that day,
 then my make up works amazingly well. 

I highly recommend!!
Get honey skin and V-line with Yakson House. 

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

 Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

Yakson House LA Branch : 213-387-7900


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