Monday, July 13, 2015


Hi Beautifuls! 

Today, I will talk about some makeup tips for summer

Sweats in hot summer can ruin your makeup, 

BUT, you don't need to worry with these tips! 

1. Use Face Powder as Eye Primer

Face powder will absorb natural oils and create a base for shadows to stick to.

 Skip cream-formula shadows and use powder ones instead

because cream-formula won't last long.

2. Gel and Liquid Eye Liner

Smudge-proof and water-resistant, these will stand 

up to almost any sticky, sweat-inducing summer day. 

No eye pencils, which are wax-based and likely to smear in humid weather. 

No more panda eyes, girls!

3. Cheek Color

If you have very oil skin, pick a tint that is a rose color.

Select powder if you are normal or dry skin. 

No cream formulas, which contain emollients and tend to fade in hot weather.

4. Lip Pencil

Any lip formula will last longer if you use a pencil first.

That's because it helps the color not to disappear but to stay in the original spot.

Choose a pinky-brown color that matches you natural lip color.

Use the pencil to line and fill in your lips before putting lipstick or gloss.

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