Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hi again!

We will continue on with the first blog posting on quick diet!
So, here are more!

You can find the first posting here

5. Don't Focus on Your Weight

The numbers on your scale is just numbers, girls!
If you exercise hard, you will gain muscles and lose fat.

You gain muscles at the same time you lose fast,
so it's unlikely to show on your scale.

Don't worry!

Remember, don't be obsessed with your weight ;)

6. Be Careful with the Food Before Exercise

You will burn your fat right away without burning other foods
when you exercise with an empty stomach.

But, you will use less energy and burn less calories
when you are starving and lethargic,

Eat simple when you are really hungry.
Overeating could lead  your to weight gain!

7. No Buffet, Please

A lot of people are tempted to go to buffet restaurant
when they are on a diet!

It might be okay to go once in a while.
But, not everyweek or everyday!

If you really want to go, eat the vegetables first.
It will feel up your stomach before you eat a ton of heavy foods.

8. Drink Drink Drink Water

Exercising makes you deprived of oxygen and water in your body.

The important thing is that it's hard to keep the workout intensity
as you lack oxygen.

So you should keep drinking water during exercise!

I hope those 8 tips were helpful to you girls!
Keep it up and you will get what you want.

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