Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hi there :)

August is a month when every leaves for a vacation!
Vacation? You shouldn't forget to bring your bikini for the beach!
I know there is not much time left until August.
So, here are tips for a quick diet!

1. Stand on a Different Type of Floor

For example, you can repeat jumping on a trampoline, stepping on box,
and going up on a bench.

As your body tries to compete the gravity and be stable,
you get to use the muscles that you never use!

So, that way, you burn more calories.

2. Change the Order of your Exercise

If you do the same exercise every time, your body gets 
used to the order and the intensity.

What's even worse is you will burn less calories because unconscioiusly
you do the workout in an easier way.

Do you feel like you are not burning enough calories?
Then, try to change the order of your workout or try new exercises.

3. Take Turns : Indoor & Outdoor

There is a big difference in working out indoors and outdoors.
Indoors, you can control the temperature unlike outdoors.

As you change the environment when exercising, 
your body will need more energy to adjust. 

As long as the weather allows,
it's great to switch.

4. Change Aerobic Exercise Machines.

As I said, your body can easily expect what muscles you are going to use.

If you want to spur the muscles that you don't use very often,
it's good to change the machines for aerobic exercise.  

If you have been using a treadmill so far, try stair-climb.

We will continue on with the second one!
Keep up the good work!

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