Friday, July 10, 2015


Hi girls!

Today, we will talk about forehead.

I know a lot of girls love up-do hairstyles

since it's hot summer.

But, you become afraid to do so

if you don't feel confident in your forehead, right?

Let's find out how we can feel better about our foreheads!

 Stretching for Forehead Wrinkles 

The wrinkles on forehead can be removed

as we relax the muscles on our face.

First, stretch your forehead up and down

only using your face muscles.

Second, using the same muscles,

stretch your forehead from left to right.

Third, when you are done with your stretching,

massage the forehead with your hands.

With both of your hands, 

massage your forehead inwards and outwards.

If you keep doing this stretching everyday,

you will get the most beautiful and perfect forehead ever!

I hope the tips were helpful to you!

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