Monday, July 20, 2015


Today, I will introduce two simple ways

to have a perfect body for your beautiful wedding dress.

Wedding dresses for summer show more of your body

because they are usually thin material and short. 

The most important part when it comes to wedding dress

is your back!

People get to see your shoulder, back, and arms

as much as your beautiful face.

Here are the two ways to take care of your back.

1. Massage your Armpit

It might sound weird to you to massage your armpit.

But, did you know that there are a lot of lymph nodes under your arms?

If waste matter such as sweat piles up,

it gets bigger and makes you look bigger.

by massaging your armpit, the waste matter will be discharged

Gently pat your armpit with fist

from top to bottom.

2. Use Plastic Water Bottles

With two plastic water bottles filled with water, 

you can simply lose arm fat without going to the gym!

They will replace dumbbells at the gym

but they will work the same.

The moment that will be once in your life.

Do your very best for that perfect one!

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