Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hi Beautifuls,

We are going to talk about how to remove cellulite today!

A lot of girls want to get rid of their cellulite when especially it's summer.

So, let's look into those tips right now!

There are more than one reason of cellulite on our skin.

But, it happens a lot when fat builds up in your body from obesity

because it blocks the circulation of matrix. 

Having cellulite is a bad sign for your beauty and health.

It's important to change the life style healthy!

First of all, try to avoid sugar and eat more protein and foods with anti-oxidants.

Protect your good lactic bacteria in the bowels. 

You need to keep yourself hydrated to remove cellulite.

Limit salt and sugar in your diet because they will disrupt having a healthy water habit.  

Instead of drinking coffee, applying coffee can actually help remove cellulite.

Coffee can tone tissues and break down the fat.

Mix some ground coffee, salt, brown sugar, and olive oil.

Gently scrub your cellulite.

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