Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Hi Girls!

I know many of you want to have slimmer and sexy legs.

Did you know that we should aim for different leg workouts

depending on leg types

Let's find out right now!

Leg Types

1. Fatty Type

If you have fat overall in legs, you are the fatty type leg.

Fat is the main reason of big and ugly legs.
This type's legs are soft, not hard like muscular legs.
People who are this type are likely to have 
cellulite in their back of their thigh.

2. Swollen Type

The legs of this type especially have big calves

because it gets swollen when the time goes by during a day.
The legs can't expel the toxins and bad waste inside.
Varicose veins are likely to happen to this type.

3. Muscular Type

If your legs are hard and you easily feel the muscles,
you are this type. 
People who did a lot of leg workout and wore high heels
for a long time have this type.
Too much muscles can ruin slimmer legs.

1. Fatty Type Solution

- Burn the fat with aerobic exercises
- Get rid of cellulite with slimming massage

2. Swollen Type Solution

- Put your all effort in getting rid of swelling.

- Check out your varicose veins.

3. Muscular Type Solution

- Relax your tense muscles with massage.
- Check the way you walk normally
- Do stretching regularly throughout the day.

Know your leg type this summer
and have slimmer and sexy legs, everyone!

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