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Hey Girls!

We are going to continue on with the same topic from the previous blog posting :)

It's diet tips for women who work!

You can find the first posting here:

4. How to Deal with Your Hunger

Do you always feel hungry? Keep these tips in mind to fix it!

(The tips are from a popular American website,

A) Use Chopsticks

The amount of food that you eat is relative to your  speed of eating.

When you use spoons or forks, you are likely to eat more than when you use chopsticks.

Eating slowly using them will increase your satiety.

B) Eat Nuts

Nuts have lots of fiber and protein.

So you will feel full even thought you ate small amount of them.

It will help you to feel less hungry if you have them during the meal or as a snack.

C) Red Pepper Powder instead of Artificial Seasoning

It was recently found that putting red pepper powder will increase your satiety

Also, the spiciness will boost your metabolism.

D) A Glass of Water instead of Snacks

Brain often gets confused between the signs of hunger and thirst.

Even though you ate but still feel hungry, drink some water.

It will satisfy your body with lack of water. 

5. Beauty Food, Grapefruits

Grapefruits have a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant contents.

One of the three ways to enjoy them is 

A) Putting the juice in champagne

B) Plain Yogurt

Chop up some grapefruits and put them into your plain yogurt.

Add some honey and nuts to increase the flavor!

C) Chicken Breast

To make the sauce,

Squeeze one grapefruit and add salt and pepper into the juice.

Then, put olive oil and mix it.

Roast chicken breast and put chopped avocados and grapefruits on top of it.

Put the sauce and enjoy!

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