Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I have some great tips for shaving today.
Come check those tips out!

1. Exfoliate First

Don't exfoliate after shaving!

It will lead to some major skin irritation. 
Scrubbing before shaving will help your skin to be ready for a smoother shave.

2. Skip Soap

Use shaving cream!

Many people use soap when they don't have shaving cream.
But, bubbles and slippery residue prevent your razor from doing the work.
It's better to use shaving cream or gels.

3. Don't Overdo it

Avoid razor burn!

Keeping your shave short and sweet is important. 
But, running your razor over the same area for too long will irritate your skin.

4. Move in the Right Direction

Don't drag your blade the wrong way!

It is a serious mistake that leads to a seriously irritated skin. 
Leg hairs grow downward, so shave in upward strokes.
Underarm hairs grow in from all angles, so run the razor different directions.

5. Rinse Your Razor

Keep your razor clean!

Rinse off the blades in between strokes to make sure
there is no hair stuck. 
Clean razors will make you happy when shaving in the shower.

6. Change Your Razor

Change your razor from time to time!

When the razor is dull and old, it will not only give a poor shave,
but also scum and bacteria that lead to painful rash.  

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