Friday, June 19, 2015


[How to Lose 10lbs with Low-Sodium Diet]

Hi Everybody!
Today, we will talk about low-sodium diet.

We get to take in sodium from salty foods such as hamburgers, pizza, and French fries.

Did you know that our body becomes more addicted to those foods
as we take in sodium?

It’s been found that the hunger hormone, Ghrelin, increases.
And the satiety hormone, Leptin, decreases when we eat a lot of salt.

We crave more and more salty foods since you are used to the saltiness.
So, we eat unhealthy and gain weight.

Here’s what you can do to get rid of this bad habit!!
You can easily lose 10lbs!

1.     Use smaller dishes to contain foods.

Our brain assumes that we ate more when we had foods in smaller containers
even though the amount of the foods was the same as before. 

2.     Use chopsticks instead of spoons.

You get to eat more salty soup in your food with spoons.
Use chopsticks to avoid it!

3.     Put salt in your food when it’s not hot.

You cannot really taste the saltiness when the food is hot.

So put salt when the food cools down a little.

4.     Eat foods that help to eliminate sodium in the body.

Especially, eat foods with lots of potassium.  
There are sea foods, vegetables, herbs, peppers that have been proved.

5.     Try not to eat fast foods!

Fast foods have so much sodium.
Start eating healthy and get fit!
start eating vegetables, herbs, peppers that have been proved.

Keep it up!
And you will be able to find yourself losing weight everyday.

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