Tuesday, June 9, 2015



Nowadays, I realize my skin is so dry
and full of dead keratins.
In summer weather, this symptom is getting harder.
So we need to prepare for the soft skin!
Today, I’ll introduce you hypo-allergenic keratin removal!

1.Use baby towel

Use general towel remove keratin,
the skin becomes more sensitive.
So, I recommend you use baby towel
for sensitive skin!
First of all, wet the towel with hot water
and put it to your face.
Then, push the towel slowly
so that the keratin can be removed.


2.Provide enough water and oil

Our skin needs a water and oil balance.
So, if you apply only the moisturizer or oily cream,
it can harm the balance,
and it can cause the dry skin.
So, before you go to sleep,
you should apply both of them.
And you can realize that the skin will be softer than last night!

3.Liquid scrub

Heavy scrup product can give a stimulus to your skin.
So choose liquid scrub product
And the most important of all is
using scrub product once or twice a week
because you need to match the recycle period of skin!
And also remember that apply plenty of moisturizer after the scrub.

4. Tips for the moisturizing lips

Mix one tea spoon of black suger and water
and apply it to your lips.
After that, cover your lips with plastic wrap.
After 15~20 minutes wash it with water.
You will discover your lips became so soft and moist.

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