Korean Consmetics
K-beauty in U.S.A.

K-beauty is 
From cleasing form to sleeping mask, 
maximum 12 steps of skincare,
or extra detailed caring methods, etc.

All of these things are fresh
to U.S.A women.

First, Korean cosmetics are of good quality 
compare to U.S.A.'s.
Americans are tend to buy
the one in good quality.

K-beauty is hot 
at the stores in U.S.A., and so as online shops.
Online shops take 1/3 
of the place American women buy cosmetic.
Thinking the whole number of Americans,
this is huge scale.

Glow recipe is leading K-beauty's 
representative website.

Recently, they deals with many brands,
from small brand to a store.
They have strong trust about Korean product.

Important thing is most consumers are not Korean.
They are native U.S.A. women.
The general economy magazine "Fortune"
said K-Beauty's influence will get bigger in the future.

Come to Korean
Follow K-beauty
Get beauty!

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