Tuesday, April 7, 2015

[Yakson House] Food good for your skin/powerhouse food

Healthy looking skin starts from the inside out, experts say and it may have a lot to 

do with the food and nutrients you put into your body. 

Here is a beautiful reason to stop by the supermarket today. 

Certain foods have powerhouse ingredients that keep skin supple and smooth and 

help fight age related damage. 

wondering what to eat and what to smooth on?

These skin saving foods help both ways. 


1. Strawberries

Strawberries have more anti aging vitamin C per serving than oranges or grapefruit.

people who eat foods rich in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and less age related dry 

skin than those who don't. 

I would say strawberries are natural botox. ^^

Vitamin C fights free radicals, which damage cells and break down collagen, leading 

to fine lines. For smoother, better hydrated skin, a natural berry mask once or twice a 

week, and eat Vitamin C rich foods daily. 

2. The olive oil

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil don't just benefit you on 

the inside they soften your skin, too. 

When used topically, olive oil results in smoother, more radiant skin. Plus, consuming 

olive oil, a staple in the healthy Mediterranean diet, provides antioxidants to disarm 

free radicals and reduce inflammation. 

3. Green tea

Curling Up to a cup of green tea does a lot more than relax you. Green tea is filled 

with inflammation fighting antioxidants. 

Drinking green tea may reduce your risk of skin cancer. And when you add a 

generous squeeze of citrus juice, the tea's antioxidants get a boost of staying power, 

so they remain in and benefit the body longer, rather than being digested quickly 

and having much of the goodness go down the drain. 

4. Avocado

While using avocado directly on the face is a popular natural beauty treatment, many 

people have found that just eating avocado regularly can do wonders for their 


5.  Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acids in Salmon specifically have been shown to help reduce 

inflammation and signs of aging in the body. 

These good fats also help protect against and repair damage from the sun, and are 

responsible for the health and hydration of cell membranes, which are your skin's 

gatekeepers, keeping toxins out and helping skin retain its healthy, soft, and supple 


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