Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[Yakson House] Skin secrets of Geisha


Among the things that symbolize Japan, Geisha is one that represent Japan. 

For centuries, geisha's' beauty has been likened to their mysteriously flawless skin. 

Geisha beauty secrets reveal that simple ingredients native to Japan like rice bran, 

camellia oil, and green tea work together to protect, nourish, and brighten skin. 

These and other ingredients create the cornerstone of time honored geisha beauty. 

Geisha is not only well known for their iconic white make up but also the most 

breathtakingly pure skin underneath that make up. 

So, Let's find out what their skin routine is. 

It's surprising that geisha use simple ingredients easily sourced throughout Japan to 

care for their Skin. 

More surprisingly, you can find these ingredients in your countries too. 

1. Purify

Removing makeup and environmental impurities from the face is the most important 

secret to mochi-hada skin. Mochi hada means skin so smooth, bouncy and mochi like.

Geisha must be diligent about this step because of their white makeup, so they use a 

camellia oil to melt away the day. 

Camellias are one of the most popular winter and spring flowering shrubs. 

2. Polish

Gently releasing dead skin from the surface of the skin daily not only leaves skin with 

a soft, healthy gleam but also improves the efficacy of any treatments used afterwards.

For centuries, they have used Komenuka (rice bran) to polish the skin. 

Take 2 tablespoons of rice bran flour, then mix it with 1 tablespoon of milk or 

green tea. This mixture applied to face and the neck. Rinse after 20 minutes. If you 

have a dry skin, you can apply some camellia oil before applying this mask. 

3. Brighten

When geisha are not in performance makeup, they are required to keep their skin 

fresh and free of makeup, but they are still expected to have porcelain complexions. 

As a result, they are keen on addressing age spots and have found licorice root 

extract to be amonst the most effective natural ingredients for preventing and 

improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation

4. Nourish

The final step in the geisha's ritual is nourishing and sealing in moisture with 

luxuriously lightweight creams. A popular classical ingredient for such moisturizers is 

liquid silk, which forms a weightless, invisible network on the skin to hold moisture in 

all day without the heaviness of oils and butters used conventionally in the western 


5. Blot

During make up application and throughout the day, keeping the skin petal fresh 

without disturbing their intricate makeup is essential to keeping the geisha's 

complexion clear. they blot regularly with natural leaflet blotting sheets which absorb 

excess oil without disturbing makeup for petal fresh skin anytime, anywhere. 

6. Drink sake

Haha ^^ Last step, but Geisha swear it works. 

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