Monday, April 27, 2015


Permanent Makeup

Summer is just around the corner.
Weather getting hotter, we worry one thing.
It is make up.

Panda eyes and erased eyebrow by sweating.
When we go to pool, we also worry about make up.
Now, let us introduce Permanent Make up.

Permanent make up is make up tattoo.
Then, let's study about permanent make up.

1. Permanent Eye Line

If you are not good at make up,
or you are worry about your face without make up, 
we recommend you this cosmetic procedure.

It is easy and fast.
Permanent eye line make your eyes deep and vivid without make up.
To have natural eye line, you have to fill the mucosal part, 
the inner side portion of the eyelashes.

It is even preferred by men who has small eyes.
Permanent eye line is recommended to 
who cannot putting eye make up,
or has few lashes.

2. Permanent Eyebrow

Well-groomed eyebrows can make appearance better.
So, they say completion of the makeup is eyebrow.
Eyebrow can change whole face's overall image.

In the past, they used to fill colors in the line of the eyebrows.
So it looked weird and unnatural.
Recent years, they draw each stand of eyebrows,
 like original eyebrows.

Eyebrow is the most important portion of the face.
It is critical to find the best operator.
You could have red or gray eyebrows in accident.

3. Permanent lip make up

Permanent lip make up is recommended
to person who have pale lips.
You can pick proper color, and tattoo on your lips.
In that way, you don't need to do your lip make up.
However, it is dying on the lips to penetrate,
it is very important to pick the right color.

In addition, lip is the weakest area since is has many vessels, 
permanent lip make up has many risks.
So it is important to done by professionals.

4. Permanent Hairline

 Permanent Hairline used to preferred by office ladies
 who wants tidy image.
But nowadays, ordinary people know 
groomed hairline can make face look bright.

Permanent Hairline is for
who has large forehead or hair loss on forehead.
Hairline takes 40% of face line, requires natural surgery.

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