Tuesday, April 7, 2015

[Yakson House] Bowleg care/Pretty leg care/slim leg/beautiful leg

This is one of Yakson House's cutomer review. 

She received 10 sessions of Bow leg care.

She didn't like her leg shape and the fact that her knees don't touch each other. 

Her legs swell often and also concerned about the cellulite on the hip and legs. 

Let's find out how she changed. 

This is the photo of her legs before bowleg care. 

See her legs don't touch each other right?

The photo below is after she received 6 sessions.

See the difference?

After only 6 sessions, her knees touch each other. 

The photos below is right after she completed all 10 sessions. 

After all 10 sessions, her legs look slimmer than the beginning and her knees 

completely touch each other. 

This bowleg care not only focuses on your outer look of the legs, but also takes care 

of your whole body's circulation system. 

Yakson House will identify problems behind your legs and provide you the best 

professional care. 

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