Thursday, April 9, 2015

[Yakson House] Ancient Egyptian beauty secrets

When we think of Egypt, Cleopatra comes in our mind first. The woman who is an 

iconic symbol of Beauty. 

Things like Exfoliants, Eye creams, Hair Extensions are all coming from Ancient Egypt. 

But they were pure and natural in those times unlike now. 

So keep on reading to reveal those secrets...


1. Many Egyptian women used Sea Salt from The Dead Sea. Cleopatra used this salt 

in her bath. This Sea Salt was a skin rejuvenator and it combats skin problems like 

eczema and psoriasis. 

2. The combination of Milk and Honey was really popular as a face mask or body 


3. Aloe Vera played a Huge part in Egyptian and Indian beauty routines. It was used 

for skin, hair, healing burns etc... This ingredient was like All in 1 ingredient. 

And I absolutely agree. They even ate it sometimes to improve digestion and lose 


4. Avocado was used to reduce the puffiness under eyes.

5. Rosemary oil, Castor Oil and Almond Oil was used to stimulate hair growth. 

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