Monday, April 6, 2015

[Yakson House] 7 odd beauty jobs that you never knew they existed

We know and we heard about make up artists, fashion designer, and hair stylists.

but I bet you have never heard of these fascinating, under the radar ways to work in 


1. Mortuary make up artists

As a Mortuary make up artists, they apply cosmetics to the deceased. This includes 

anything from a natural application to full reconstruction in cases of trauma. 

2. Professional Lice Remover

As a professional, Rice remover, they make house calls to eradicate lice from 

children's heads at the request of their parents. It's a pain staking process than 

often takes four to five hours. 

3. Permanent Tatoo make up artists

what they do is that they specialize in correcting scars or other abnormalities with 

permanent makeup. For instance, she Tattoos areolas on women who have 

undergone mastectomies and fixes skin discolorations on burn victims. 

4. Face Feeler

They evaluate how products smell, look, feel, taste and sound which means they 

sometimes literally has to feel other people's skin. she works with companies to 

understand everything from how wine hits the taste buds to how well a body 

lotion rubs into the skin.  

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