Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[YAKSON HOUSE] What is beautiful legs? How can we get it? / STANDARD OF BEAUTIFUL LEGS

Summer is coming.
It's short pants' season very soon!
Let's learn about how to get beautiful legs and what is it.

Slim legs don't represent beautiful legs.
Then, what is the beautiful legs?
You have to see the 4 requirements.

thigh : calf : ankle = 5 : 3 : 2

> both knee have to be at same line, and facing front side.
> no cellulite on thighs and should not spread to the sides.
>calves should be straight and have clear boundary between the ankle.

Leg shape is mostly affected by wrong habits.
It is important because you are doing without my willing.

wrong habits mean crossing legs, leaning on one foot, wearing high heels etc.
Those habits interfere circulation of the lower body, and leaning on the one side.

Many people think its genetic thing, but you can improve much with work out and fixing wrong habit.

It is obviously divided by exercising case and correcting case.
Therefore, counseling with specialist, which one is perfect for me is the best way to make beautiful legs.

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