Thursday, April 23, 2015


Today, we
When we packing for trip, it is very hard to select things to take.
If you don't pack it, sometimes need it.
Or you pack it, you don't  need it at all.
What do you think is the must-take things?

So, here you can get some tips for packing items.
Passport, cash, credit card, camera etc
Except above products, 

Color copies of your passport

This one is what you must need, in case you lost your passport.
Hope you don't happen things like that, but it will save you a lot of time and effort.
Without this you have to through out many processes to return.
Or you can take passport copy in stead of the passport
 and leave real passport on the safe spot.
Anyways, it is the first thing you have to take with you.

Key holders

When you have many luggage, and are worried about lost
Taking key holders instead of lock is much helpful.
Because lock is heavier, also have a risk of lost keys.
It may completely prevent lost, but using key holder is much more convenient.
You can prevent thefts by connecting your bags with key holders, as well.

Adhesive tape

some people don't understand why adhesive tape is needed.
Actually these tapes are selling for trip.
It can be used for torn shoes or bags, 
and also protect bottles from broken by taping bottles.

Baby powder

Baby powder is very useful when you are planning to go to beach.
You can remove the sand on your body, by using baby powder.
Providing powder on the area that surrounded by sand, 
you don't have to take sand on your bed and pillow.


You may think, 'Do I need opener?'
However, you will be helpless without this, when you need it.
If you buy alcohol in the supermarket or liquid shop,
how can you make it to open?

There will be more things, if you think again.
Taking all of them may make your trip easy, but it could be a lot and heavy.
 Which thing is your must-take?

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