Thursday, March 5, 2015

[Yakson House] Tips to Keep your hair healthy/damage hair/small face/face resizing

The weather is still cold in Korea.

It rained two days in a row.

Windy and cold days like these tend to ruin your hairstyle.

Cold winds not only make your hair messy but also make your scalp very dry and leads 

to having dandruff. 

on top of that, Weakened scalp causes your hair weak so what happen is that your hair 

gets thin and start to tangle easily.

Healthy hair not only looks good, 

but also makes you easier to style your hair. 

This means that it is important to keep your hair healthy in order for easier hair styling

So, Few tips will be discussed here. 

The very first step is the right way of washing your hair. 

1. Wash your hair once in two days instead of washing it everyday. 

I know a lot of you have habit of washing it everyday. 

In fact, some people can't stand not washing it everyday. 

However, this makes your scalp dry causing you to get dandruff. 

2. Before shampoo and Conditioner, Wet your scalp and hair enough

Shampoo contains surfactant which is chemical ingredient that's harmful to your body. 

This method prevents you the surfactant being absorbed into your scalp through the 


3. Don't forget to make enough foam when you wash your hair. 

This step is essential because this foam washes away dirt and any substances that had 

been built on your hair. 

4. Apply conditioner only on your hair, not on scalp and rub it gently

Conditioner has substance that clogs your pores on scalp. 

If this keeps happening, it will eventually lead to some side effects.

So, That's all for the steps that you should keep in mind when you wash your hair.

Next thing we will be talking about is methods to keep your hair healthy. 

Some people go to see professional hair designers to fix their hair. 

But, this costs quite a lot. 

There are useful tips on how to do hair care at home. 

If you keep doing hair care at home, It is more cost effective and efficient. 

You all have eggs in your refrigerator?

Egg whites are actually good for your scalp.

Egg yolks are good for your hair. 

Apply egg whites on scalp and egg yolks for your hair. 

Leave it for 10 ~ 15 minutes and wash. 

Isn't it simple?

One more thing!

After wash your hair, Put generous amount of  hair essence or ample to your hair.

It is good to buy hair essence that contains SPF functions. 

beautiful hairstyle goes great with small and slim face shape. 

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