[Yakson House] DIY Pressed Flower Phone kcase/Spring flowers/phone case/iphone/Samsung Galaxy

Who doesn't like flowers?

It's no secret that everyone loves flowers, Maybe not everyone. 

Spring is here and You can see all kinds of flowers when you go outside. 

They are just so beautiful that I wish I could preserve it all seasons. 

Pressing Fresh flowers is a great way to preserve their natural beauty, and by decorating 

your phone case with them, you can add a little touch of nature to an otherwise ordinary 


You can make your own pressed flowers with a flower press or by placing them inside a 

large book, like an encyclopedia or phone book.

* You will need: 

Pressed dried flowers

Flat, solid white iPhone case

Clear craft glue 

A flat and level work surface



Parchment paper


Thin-tip permanent marker


2 clear plastic cups

2 wooden craft sticks

50/50 clear casting epoxy resin



Glitter (optional) 

Step 1. Arrange the flowers

To get started, place the pressed flowers on your case and play around with different 

flower arrangements. If you want to add a lot of flowers to your case, make sure that 

they don't pile up higher than 1/16th of an inch or you won't be able to properly coat the 

case in resin. 

Keep in mind that your pressed flowers will become slightly translucent once they are 

coated in resin, so placing lighter colored flowers under darker ones works best.

Once yo have found an arrangement you like, take a snapshot of it for future reference. 

2. Prepare the resin

Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Cut a 2 ft long piece of parchment paper with 

your scissors and tape it down to your flat work surface.

Take your resin and read the directions carefully. 

3. Add the resin to your case

Slowly pour the prepared resin to your phone case. 

Spread the resin close to the edge of your case using your craft stick. 

Make sure the resin does not go over the edge.

Add more resin to the case until the entire back and all the flowers are completely 


Lightly blow on any bubbles that show up on the surface to help them disappear. 

Set the case down on the parchment paper and keep an eye on it as it dries ( It takes 

about one to two hours). If any resin spills over the edges, dip Q-tips in acetone and 

wipe clean. 

Once it has dried, examine your case to make sure all the flowers have been properly 


If needed, add a second coat of resin. 

And there you go, you now have a beautiful phone case that brightens up any 


Happy spring everyone! 

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