Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[Yakson House] Decollete Care/dress/beautiful decollete

Decollete, a beautiful French word meaning "wearing a low neck dress," is also the word 

we use to refer to our upper chest area, including the neck, 

cleavage and shoulder areas.

 As Clothings that reveal shoulder and decolletage became popular. 

A lot of women are interested in upper body line. 

At yakson, We have Decollete care to take care of your decolletage area. 

Decollete care is incredibly relaxing massage that has positive influence on decrease 

stiffness and pain in your shoulder & neck area and improve circulation to the upper 

body, resulting in healthy and balanced body. 

* Decollete care is perfect for: 

Brides soon to be married

people who have cramped up shoulders

stiff shoulders and neck


Defined Collarbone

Long and Slim neckline

De-stressed shoulders

Pretty shoulders 

Here are steps to caring for your decolletage:

first, Cleanse your chest with the same cleanser as you use on your face and follow 

with a moisturizer, keeping this area moisturized is the easiest way to prevent aging and 

dryness. Apply the same treatment on your chest as you do on your face, including any 

anti wrinkle creams you may use and always, always follow with sunscreen. 

You still need to use sunscreen even when you will be indoors all day, as forty percent 

of sun damage occurs while you are indoors through windows, which let in harmful UV 


While you can treat the face with peels, they are far too harsh for the delicate 

decolletage, so you must use other means to exfoliate the area. 

To naturally remove dead protein cells from the skin, 

Look for products containing natural exfoliants like papaya enzyme or bromelain. 

Vitamin C is effective in removing sunspots; try rubbing fresh lemon or lime juice onto 

the area 3-4 times a week, it acts as a natural alpha hydroxy acid and is very effective. 

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