Friday, March 6, 2015

[Yakson House] Celine Classic Box/Spring look/Celine/Arms care

2015 Spring look of Celine has arrived.

It is Celine Classic box. 

It is simple yet classic. 

As name says, Celine classic box is a bag that never goes out of fashion and you can 

match with any kind of style. 

This bag became a big issue when Famous Korean movie star Han-Ye-Seul wore it in 

the Drama. 

Celine uses the best quality of Cow skin leather.

Even though it is made out of leather, they are not heavy but light and simple. 

So, Shall we talk about how to match with these Celine bags?

1. Feminine Look

If you want to look elegant and feminine, Try these look. 

2. sheek look 

3. Casual 

You can match with simple sweater or t shirt and pants and you still look great. 

If you want your celine bag stand out, Long and slim arms are necessary.

Don't you think so?^^

If you have thick arms, fat under your arms and lack elasticity, 

Arms care is perfect solution for you. 

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