Saturday, February 14, 2015

[Yakson House]Tips for breaking the habit of eating at night time

At night time, our hunger starts to bother us.

When is the absolute worst time to overeat, metabolically speaking? Many experts agree

that it's nighttime, when our bodiese have the lowest need for calories.

Do you sometimes sneak a late night snack, even after you have had a big dinner?

Or worse, do you find yourself binging at night?

Have you ever thought about why, even after a big meal, you crave more food, more

sugar, and more

junk, and you want to have chips or sweets or other unhealthy foods?

Here are the some steps you should take to stop the cravings and end the nighttime


Eat breakfast: This is the key strategy to stop the nighttime cravings. Of course, if you

are binging atnight, you probably won’t want to eat breakfast, because when you wake

up, you’re still full. So, you

have to break that cycle, and you have to start with breakfast: a good, protein


There are two breakfasts that I love and use all the time. The first is eggs in any form

you like: as an omelet, fried,or poached. Eggs are a great source of protein that helps

balance your blood sugar. Be sure to eat

WHOLE eggs, not egg whites.

Don’t drink your calories: If you have sugary, liquid calories in the form of sodas, juices, lattes,

sports drinks, or iced teas, it will spike your insulin and blood sugar and will cause cravings.

Make sure you eat regularly: Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you want a snack in

between,that’s fine, but make sure you eat at regular rhythms and regular times. Your

body is a hormonal

clock, and you have to eat in rhythm to keep it in balance.

Have protein and good-quality fat at every meal: Good fats are nuts and seeds,

avocados, coconut,

olive oil, or quality protein like chicken, fish, or grass-fed meat. Some combination of

these (plus lots of vegetables) balances your blood sugar.

Find your pause button and soothe the stress: Stress makes you fat;

relaxing makes you thin. Learn to find your pause button and de-stress. I encourage

you to look at my blog on

reducing stress to learn exactly what to do. Breathing, yoga, and exercise are some of

my favorite ways to reduce stress, which helps reset the hormones, balance brain

chemistry, and stop the cravings.

Prioritize sleep: If you don’t sleep, you will be hungry, especially for Carbs and sugar.


Because when you deprive yourself of sleep, ghrelin, the hormone that drives hunger

goes up and PYY, the hormone that makes you feel full, goes down. So, if you want to

lose weight, sleep it off.

Find your food sensitivities: People don’t realize this, but you often crave the thing

you’re allergic or sensitive to. And gluten and dairy are among the biggest triggers for

food sensitivity. Try to get rid of these for a few weeks and see if your cravings stop.

So, Here are some important tips that you have to keep in your mind.

Those may sound boring and too cliche.

They are the biggest things in your life.

Have a healthy habit and stay healthy and fit everyone!

By the way, Have a wonderful weekends.

I am tired so I am off to bed now^^

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