Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[Yakson House] Yellow dust effect/How to protect your Body from Yellow Dust Effect


The weather keeps getting warmer and warmer everyday. 

I feel the spring is here!

Spring is beautiful season but it will be a time to take extra care of your skin as the 

worst case of the yellow dust syndrome is to hit Korea. The yellow dust does not affect 

only your respiratory organs, but also your skin. The minute particles get into the pores 

of the skin and cause skin trouble.

However, you can not avoid going outside, so you have to find the most effective way 

to minimize the dust's damaging effects. 

Here are some simple tips to minimize the damage.

1. Wash often: After being outdoors, be sure to wash your hands and feet. Use

cleanser and warm water to wash away the small particles. 

Also Brush your teeth more often. Brushing helps take away the dust on your teeth. 

Rinse the inside of your nose with saline solution. Do the same with the eyes. 

2. Use a mask: Those who have respiratory problems make sure you wear a mask. 

Many types of masks are available at pharmacies. These masks are approved by the 

Food and Drug Administration, Which recently said they would only approve of such 

masks with yellow dust prevention filters. 

3. Take extra precautions before going out: Use more sunscreen to protect your

skin against the sun. Also, do not use hair products as the dust can stick to the


Refrain from using contact lenses. They can dry out your eyes and dust particles may 

get trapped in the lenses.

4. Moisturize: Drink more water. Chamomile or green tea helps to soothe your body. 

Use generous amounts of moisturizing lotion on the face and body.

Keep these simple rules and stay healthy through this spring!

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