Saturday, February 14, 2015

[Yakson House] Shoulder stretching tips/Chinese new year/

hi, Chinese new year starts soon.

Korean also celebrate Chinese new year.

we start to pack and ready to leave for hometown. 

Everybody probably has been waiting for this long weekend. 

but for some, It is probably labour day. 

married women in Korea are required to visit their husbands' family and make food for 

everyone. I am sure Married women don't really like this long holiday. 

Can you imagine they sit at one place for long time and make food for every husbands' 


If you work that long, you get muscle pain,back pain and even headache. 

There is quite interesting statistics came out.

A lot of married couple divorce during this Chinese New Year. 

It is almost hard to believe, but it is true. 

Little things lead to big fight during this holiday. 

So, Today, I want to give you some tips how to make your wives happy. 

How about a good massage to your beloved girlfriends and wives?

Step 1. Shoulder Massage 


Step 2. Gently press down your partners' back with foot  

Step 3. push backward your partners' arms

Step 4. gently push backwards your partners' upper body

Step 5. one, hold one harm and pull to the side, hold the other arm and gently push down

Enjoy the good long holiday everyone!

I want to say happy new year one more time. ^^

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