[Yakson House] Real story - Little mom's Facial Balance Care

Another Real story is back!

Today's story is about a lady who got married early and had a baby. 

After she had a baby, she felt less womanly and wanted to be young looking lady. 

Her biggest problem was her asymmetrical chin. 

It caused her to look not happy and older than her age. 

So Let's find out how Yakson House changed her.

Just because the program is "Facial Balance Care", doesn't mean Yakson House takes 

care of just face area. 

In order to have healthy skin tone and face, blood circulation in your body is important 


Remember! Everything is connected. 

After all massage steps are completed, Yakson House finishes up with Facial pack to 

take care of your skin.  

This is the result after all 20 sessions of Facial Balance treatment.

Do you all see the difference?

She looks more happy and her face got smaller. 

Also her skin is glowing. 

From now on, she can get her confidence back. 

If you are interested in Facial balance care. 

Please visit our website below. 

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

 Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

Yakson House LA Branch : 213-387-7900


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