Thursday, February 5, 2015

[Yakson House] Manuka Honey mask for flawless skin

The many benefits of Manuka Honey have been well documented especially over the 

last few years, the best thing about his honey is that it shows amazing results for 

internal and external application. But for today i'll be focusing on the external use of 

Active Manuka honey as a facemask!

<Skin & Beauty benefits>

Manuka honey has incredible skin benefits, especially when applied consistently as a 

face mask before showering! It works so well on blemished skin because of it's very 

strong natural antibacterial and anti inflmmatory properties, which can keep skin clean, 

soothed if inflamed, whilst healing blemishes, pimples and acne!

The anti aging benefits from regular Manuka Honey treatments on Skin are well known as 


The nutrients in the Honey has been proven to increase collagen cross linking 

promoting proper collagen structure for your skin. 

Active Manuka honey is also a natrual humectant, which helps draw moisture out of the 

air and retain it in your skin. This can help heal your skin and blemishes, help with the 

cell regeneration process all just by keeping your skin hydrated!

<Tips on using a Manuka Honey Face mask>

Using honey on your face or skin doesn't need to be a chore. 

Try to make it fit in your daily routine. 

There's not really any rules about the application or time the honey should be left on the 

skin. Although it's recommended you leave the honey for at least 20 - 30 mintues for 

the antibacterial properties to work properly.

1. Get about a quarter of a teaspoon of honey on a spoon.

2. Wash your hands and thoroughly rinse your face with warm (but not hot!) 

water. I tend to avoid chemical face washes, and it's unnecessary because 

the honey will clean your face anyway :)

3. Pat your face dry and smooth the honey evenly over your whole face. 

4. Leave for at least 20 minutes, good quality honey shouldn't run too much. 

5. Once you are ready to clean the mask off, you can either take a shower 

and just gently wash the honey off, it comes off really easy or just wash it 

off in the sink. 

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