Friday, February 13, 2015

[Yakson House] Horse Oil Cream/Skin regeneration care/youthful skin/dry skin

Hi, everyone

How is your week going?

It is already the end of week. 

Winter is almost leaving our foot steps and Spring will be welcoming us. 

but the weather is still cold. don't you think so?

Cold weather makes our skin very dry. 

It is the season when it is hard for us to take care of skin. 

When you go outside, Cold wind hurt your skin and When you stay inside, heater 

damages your skin. 

Dry skin causes wrinkles and eventually wrinkles will be built up.

You will look much older than your age.

No matter how good your skin is. You should take care of yourself in cold harsh winter. 

Today, I am going to talk about Horse oil cream.

I haven't heard about it so much before.

But It has been popular among people who are sensitive to trends.^^


Horse oil cream is made out of Horse oil. 

Horse oil cream is excellent at keeping you moisturize at all time. 

It is good for dry skin. 

Horse oil cream is also good at skin regeneration. 

If you have sensitive skin and often allergic reaction whenever you put skin care 

products. Horse oil cream is good. 

People who have oil skin and break out often stay away from those skin products that 

oily. However, Horse oil cream has healing effects so you don't have to worry about it 

so much. 

These creams are well known among flight attendants for their effects.

Flight attendants have dry skin caused by long hours of flight and tiredness. 

If anything you have done to fix your skin problems, Yakson House offers skin 

regeneration care. Professionals at Yakson House takes care of your dry skin and 


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