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[Yakson House] Check out our Philippine beauty editor's review/Face resizing care

I want to introduce our current Philippine beauty editor "Monica".

She has been working as a beauty editor for about a month now. 

She has been doing great as a beauty editor. I want you to check out since her reviews 

at Yakson House are amazing. 

< Yakson House Face Resizing Care: First Session Review> 

After being announced as the newest beauty editor of Yakson House, I received a lot of messages, mails, and comments from my friends and blog readers. I know many of you are curious to know more about Yakson House, its services, and which treatment I am going to feature here at Impressions of a Princess, so here I am to share the review of my first session of Yakson House Face Resizing Care.

Face Resizing Care

Yakson House Face Resizing Care is a massage treatment to sculpt the face and define its best features. It normally makes the face smaller with a desirable oval shape and a defined V-line. The overall proportion of the face and better blood circulation are the main goals of this service. Can you imagine achieving this without surgery?

The bone massage (Golki therapy) applied to the face in alternating soft and hard pressure follows Wolff’s Law which basically states that shocks and pressures make the bones stronger and denser. Only trained and licensed Golki therapists from Korea can practice this technique within Yakson House branches in Korea, US, Japan, and Philippines.
As an alternative healing therapy (QiGong), the revolutionary Golki therapy promotes blood circulation by stimulating the bones with different pressures for health and beauty massage. Here are some before and after photos of Face Resizing Care clients:

My First Session of Yakson House Face Resizing Care

After an hour of a very nightmarish traffic, I arrived at Yakson House Makati. It is situated at Palanca Street, just a short walk from Greenbelt 1. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by Ms Tina who thankfully ignored my sweaty look (no thanks to that old cab without airconditioning!) and smiled instead as she welcomed me to Yakson House.
The owner and two therapists lined up at the lobby as they smiled and greeted me. I was ushered to one of the treatment rooms and asked to change into these very pink clothes:

My dress and other belongings were put into this dainty pink floral tray.
In between changing of clothes, I managed to take a photo of the room.

There were four single beds separated by thick curtain. Since I was the only client at that time, I didn’t feel uncomfortable undressing in the room. Still, I feel it would be not too private were there any other customers present.

I am now ready for my Yakson House Face Resizing Care!
I. Cleansing
After I put on the Yakson House pink costume (as I prefer to call it), Ms Lisa introduced herself as my massage therapist for that day. She has a sweet smile and soothing voice. From the beginning to the end of my treatment, she patiently offered me explanation on what product was being applied or which step we were on.
Lying down on the bed, Ms Lisa started cleansing my face by removing my makeup and prepping the face with toner.
II. Documentation
Ms Lisa tied my hair back in a high ponytail and framed it with a headband. Next, Ms Kim Yu Min, director and owner of Philippine branch, took a photo of me and my makeup-free face for documentation purposes. Very nice way to compare my before and after pictures later!
III. Backbone Care
After the photos were taken, I was asked to lie face down on the bed. Ms Lisa applied a gel-like substance on my back and started to massage me. Concentrating on the backbone, this type of care is very much appreciated by my not-so-good posture!

She also gave me a full back and head massage – from my skull and shoulder blades to my elbows and finger tips. It was the best massage I ever had! It was very different from all the massage techniques I had before, and here I thought I am a massage addict who gets at least four times of treatment in a month. I told Ms Lisa about this and she mentioned that her style is indeed special. Why? Upon several and various researches, Yakson House developed its own way of massage which improves health and beauty of its client.
I fell in love with the back massage though I couldn’t ignore that it is a bit painful but bearable. There were some points that she put more pressure and it brought a mixture of pain and pleasure to me.
IV. Golki Therapy
After a very relaxing massage by Ms Lisa, I was turned over to Ms Kim who happened to be not only the owner and director, but also a licensed golki therapist. She’s Korean, but she sometimes used Filipino words which made me see her as a sweet and cool person.

After a short chat, Ms Kim started the process. I thought it was only like a regular face massage we get when we have our facial treatment, but this one was very different. She applied soft and hard pressure and I could really feel that Ms Kim massaged my face in a certain technique to make it more beautiful and well-shaped. For example, she touched my jawline several times with hard pressure. Overtime, I believe it would result into a very distinct V-line!

If I could describe Golki therapy in two words, it would be “painfully beautiful”. If Ms Lisa’s back massage is a bit painful, then Golki is twice or thrice than that. I could feel her strong hands and fingers massaging my skin to the bones. I think my face contorted in pain once or twice, but Ms Kim assured me that it was just normal. Putting pressure loosens the tightness of the face and improves facial blood circulation. After the first session, pain will be lessened.
V. Molding Mask
After the golki therapy, my face was again cleaned and prepped for the next treatment. Ms Lisa was back in attending me and she explained that she will apply a molding mask over my face. This is done during the first and last session of a client to compare the effects and improvement using the face resizing care.

My entire face was covered with gauze and my eyes had thicker layers of it. I couldn’t see! A white mask was then applied and left to dry for ten minutes. As the mask was drying, my face felt warmer. Good thing Ms Lisa gave me a heads-up on that.
VI. Final Care
When the mask was completely dried, she took it away from me and started cleaning my face once again. At this point, we were on our last part of the session. Ms Lisa applied toner, essence, eye cream, sunscreen and BB cream on my face. I was very glad that she did pat those things on my skin – it only showed her knowledge on how skincare should be used!
After the BB cream application, Ms Lisa did some final stretching to my legs, arms, and lower back.

After which she informed me that the entire session was done. What? I want more than those two hours! I felt so light and relaxed – the hard and painful massage seemed to be good to me. It was also very invigorating! I had two hours of sleep the night prior to my visit, but I felt so alive after my face resizing care treatment!

Gongjumonica Thoughts

  1. Yakson House must be proud to have an excellent customer service. I was very impressed on how the entire staff and even the owner herself were very courteous, attentive, and smiling. They wore sincere smiles on their faces – something I rarely see in establishments these days.
  2. It is very generous in using its branded skincare products.
  3. It has a pretty and feminine wallpapers. I wish I know where those were bought!
  4. Therapists seemed to be well-trained and knowledgeable of what they were doing.
  5. They explained first before putting a product on my face or doing a new therapy.
  6. Supplies of fresh and clean hot and cold towels seem to be enough. I never saw the staff reused one on me.
  7. No spa music. Yakson House is tuned in to Easy Rock FM station.
  8. Beds are separated by thick curtain. Not much privacy, but at least the curtains are not see-through


My first session of Face Resizing Care at Yakson House was very interesting and memorable. I love the entire treatment process and I could say that the pain was bearable. No pain, no gain! I also adore the Yakson House Makati ladies who really made me feel like they sincerely want me to be more beautiful. With a revolutionary and nonsurgical technique plus a delightful and skilled team, I highly recommend Yakson House Philippines to anyone who dreams to have a balanced and well-shaped face.
check out her blog at http://gongjumonica.com/yakson-house-face-resizing-care-first-session-review/

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

 Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

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