Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[Yakson House] 10 Korean beauty products that will transform your skin by Allure Magazine

Hi, K-beauty has been swiped across the world.

Recently, The famous magazine allure featured the best Korean beauty products. 

Let's find out what they picked as the best beauty products!

1. Laneige BB cushion 

Popular Korean brand is now selling in American store. 

This item is a BB cream housed in a cushion compact, with one sponge soaked in 

hydrating, sun-protective, skin brightening foundation and another to apply it in feather 

weight layers. 

2. Banila Co. "Clean it Zero" 

A fragrance free oil cleanser (which is actually a solid) that melts into the skin and gently 

removes the day's makeup, sunscreen, and grime. It's hypoallergenic, with no parabens 

or alcohol. 

3. Skinfood Black sugar mask

This isn't as hard-core as it looks: Let the dark sugar crystals melt between your wet 

palms, then scrub the face for smoother, brighter, softer skin. 

4. The Face shop Babyface Hydrogel mask Hyaluronic Acid

Sheet masks take ease of use to a new level. Inside the envelope is a face towel 

soaked in hyaluronic acid. 

Place on face. Watch Girls for 30 minutes. Discard. Mourn loss of dull skin. 

5. TonyMoly Egg pore blackhead out oil gel 

Korea seems to have declared war on blackheads. There are plenty of blackhead 

removing products on the market right now. This slightly gritty, oil based gel helps 

unclog the pores in which bacteria thrive. 

6. TonyMoly Prestige Snail Lip Treatment Balm 

Here's the theory: The soft foot of the snail produces slime that helps it prevent and 

repair the damage incurred from slithering over rocks and twigs. OK, but on the face?

Koreans have been using it for years. 

7. The Face Shop calming seed Skin resting cream

On the pricier end, this light but rich cream is an example of the move to all natural skin 

care that's been all over Korea. This pick comes in at 96 percent natural. 

8. Mizon snail wrinkle care Sleeping pack

The supermoisturizing sleep pack is such a good idea that American beauty brands are 

catching on. The lightweight gel goes on after you have cleansed your face at night and 

absorbs completely while you sleep. In the morning, all that's left is noticeably refreshed 



 9. Missha Time Revolution The first treatment essence            

The main ingredient of this silky liquid is a yeast extract that is reputed to promote the 

skin's natural cell regeneration process. It should be used after cleanser and toner for 

bright, soft, supple skin. 

10. The Face shop Rice water Bright Cleansing light oil 

This low cost alternative to fancy cleansing oils contains rice bran oil and the same 

counter intuitive cleansing properties that leave even oily skin refreshed and makeup 


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