Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Yakson House] Premenstrual Syndrome

Once a month, Girls experience magic. ^^

We call it magic but it is actually "menstrual period". 

This magic is something that all women has to go through but it makes women more 

tired than usual day. 

There is something called "Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS".

I'm sure a lot of women are aware of it. 

It is a group of symptoms that start one to two weeks before your period. 

Most women have at least some symptoms of PMS, and the symptoms go away after 

their periods start.

Women over 65% said they are experiencing this "Premenstrual syndrome". 

Common PMS symptoms include breast swelling, Acne, Bloating and weight gain, Pain, 

Headache or Joint pain, Food Cravings, and mood swings. 

No one knows what causes PMS, but hormonal changes trigger the symptoms. 

What can we do to relieve or prevent these premenstrual symptoms ?

1. Keep yourself warm

It is good to take a shower with warm water since you can easily feel cold during 

premenstrual period.

Remember to keep yourself warm all the time. 

2. When you feel cramps, use Hot towel or Hot pack 

This method will help your blood circulate better and more actively.

it will definitely help you to ease the pain. 

3. Eat food that contains a lot of Iron. 

During menstrual period, women bleed a lot, so it is important to take sufficient iron 

composed food. 

4. Do Easy yoga poses to adjust your pelvis area

Doctors say that if your pelvis is not balanced, the menstrual cramp can get 

worse. To adjust your pelvis, We recommend you to do yoga regularly. 

So that your whole body is balanced. 

Yoga poses don't have to get advanced or hard. 

Follow some simple yoga poses at home even for 15 minutes. 

It is way better than doing nothing!

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