Thursday, January 8, 2015

[Yakson House] How to be beautiful without plastic surgery

These days, nothing is impossible if you have the money. 

You can change your face just in couple of hours. 

Women have desires for beauty and they are willing to pay to have that. 

Today Yakson will tell you how to become beautiful inside and outside without painful 


If you change your bad lifestyle habits a little bit, you can definitely change in more 

healthy ways.

#1. Don't open your mouth widely or Don't touch your face with your hands. 

If you open your mouth widely, It can transform your Face bone.

Also, Don't touch your face with hands.

#2. Don't chew gums or hard food. 

If you eat food that requires constant chewing, your jaw muscles will grow bigger and 

possibly create square shaped face. 

#3. Don't eat too much salt contained food. 

I know you probably heard a lot about this. 

Salt is necessary for us to maintain our lives but too much of it is definitely harmful. 

#4. Don't drink water during your meal.

If you drink water and your meal at the same time, it can cause you to chew less than 

usual. Koreans eat soup and the rice at the same time and this is actually not very good 

Also, water dilutes digestive enzymes you might have problem digesting.

#5. Go to bed before 11 Pm. 

Sleep is very important and sleeping too late breaks your body balance and rhythm.

I know it is hard to sleep before 11 pm but why don't you try?

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