Wednesday, January 7, 2015

[Yakson House] Best 3 Look for your date/Pretty Body shape Care

I know all girls understand that it's hard to make decisions when it comes to date outfit. 

It sometimes takes forever to choose what outfit you are going to wear for a hot date. 

So, Let's find out what outfits are perfect for your date. 

1. sweater and skirt 

Chiffon Skirt never fails. 

Chiffon skirts look fabulous with Sweater also. 

You can totally bring out your feminine side. 

Your guy will definitely love you your look!

2. floral print Dress

Flowered patterned Dress is like must have item during spring and summer season. 

when you feel like you have nothing to wear, you can totally count on your floral print 

dress. The most amazing thing about dress is that you never have to worry about what 

to match your bottom or top. Just match with flaoral print dress and simple cardigan you 

have at home. Now you are so ready to go! ^^

3. Sweater Dress

For chilly fall and winter season, Why don't you try Sweater dress?

This material gives you cozy and warm look!

Besides, It is easy to match with any kinds of outer or accessories. 

Dress reveals your body shape and Yakson House recommends Pretty body shape care.

The term 'Body Care' often entails the concept of weight loss. However, as aggressive 

weight loss programs often do more harm than good, professional and systematic care 

for the overall balance of the body while maintaining health is quite important.  

We will restore overall balance and firmness to your body, making your body stand out in 

any outfit. 

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