Thursday, November 6, 2014

[Yakson House] Winter/Diet/Exercise/Fit

Diet is like Homework. Women are always concerned about their weight gains and they

always feel that they are fat even though they are skinny. ;)

Especially, women care less about their diet during the winter time but care more in the

summer time. Did you know that sudden weight gain or weight loss is really harmful to

your body?

Today, I am going to talk about healthy tips on Winter Diet.

During the winter time, the temperature goes down and people tend to stay indoor.

This will result in a weight gain.

we recommend you to take warm or hot food during the winter. Avoid cold drinks or cold


This makes your blood circulation less active and make your body weak.

If you don't want to go outside and do outdoor activities because it's too cold, We

suggest you to do stretching at home or office.

Yakson House offers Pretty body shape care program and it has been loved by so many

people. Try this program! It will help slim your body!

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