Monday, November 10, 2014

[Yakson House] Weekend/Korean Food/Weather

Hello Guys ^^

I'd like to share what I did on weekends!!

I love weekends.

Don't you?

It's the only free time and I can do whatever I want. 

This weekend, I hung out with my friends.

On my way to see my friends, I saw pretty Elsa the snow queen cake !!

Isn't it so pretty? If I bought that cake, I don't think I will be able to eat it because it's just 

too pretty to put it in my mouth. 

Since the weather keeps getting cold and I like to eat hot food.

This is Sam-gye-tang. It's chicken broth that's been boiled with Chinese herbal and 

ginseng for long time. 

People started eating this since ancient times. 

This warms up your body and helps with better blood circulation. 

Most importantly, It gives you energy!! HaHa ;) 

I want to tell you one thing.

It's better for you to eat hot food in winter times. Cold drink or food lowers your body 

temperature and damages your stomach and intestines.

They basically weaken your body.

Keep your body warm at all time because It sucks to be sick ;(

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