Friday, November 14, 2014

[Yakson House] Wedding bouquet/bridal care


Wedding is once in a life time event and women want them to be perfect. 

Choosing a right wedding bouquet is as important as choosing a wedding dress.

There are a variety of bouquet styles and i think it's good to know which type of bouquet 

goes well with your body shape.

Shall we find out? ^^

1. Short and Chubby body type

If the color of your bouquet is too strong and colorful,

It might make you look wide and be overshadowed by colorful flowers.

Keeping it simple is the best idea.

2. Short and Slim body type

The size of bouquet should be little bigger than the medium size.

It's also a good idea to use unique materials for bouquet since everything will go well with 

your slim body.

3. Tall and Chubby body type

Again, Avoid fancy and colorful style of bouquet since it might make you look big and 


Medium size is good for your body type. Simple style with few points will make you stand 

out at the wedding!

4. Tall and Slim body type

We recommend you to go with fancy and unique style since it will bring out your body 

shape and your dress. 

If you want to be perfectly ready for your wedding that's coming up soon.

Try Yakson House's Bridal care. 

I know there are so many things that you need to care about for your wedding.

So it's easy to get stressed.

We take care of you from scratch for your perfect wedding day!

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