Monday, November 10, 2014

[Yakson House] REAL STORY - A girl with bowleg/pretty leg care/ slim leg

Hi everyone,

I brought a new real story about a girl with bowleg. 

She asked Yakson House for help to fix her problem. 

This girl,age of 28 has a pretty face and a slim body but her bowleg always 

bothered her. 

She envied those movie stars' straight and slim legs on Television. 

This girl likes to take care of her self regularly and invests quiet of time and 

money for her personal care. BUT!!! Nothing ever worked out for her bowleg...

Then she was chosen by Yakson House to experience one of their pretty leg 

care program.

She is super excited!!!

Wait A Second!

Do you know Why some people get bowlegs?

You often see many girls sitting with their legs crossed?

This might look very sexy and attractive but  It is actually really bad habit.

 It's not good for your spine!

This is photo shows the result after her 1 session of pretty leg care program.

You see the difference?

Employees at Yakson House are experienced and take very seriously about 

their jobs. 

Wait for her next episode. You will see more positive changes. ^^

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