Friday, November 21, 2014

[Yakson House] Couple massage date/Facial balance Care

Hello, This is Yakson House

When you are on a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend, what do you do?

 Having dinner together, spending time at a cafe or watching movie are really fun dates 

but don't you get sick of it sometimes?

I mean there is nothing boring about that as long as you spend time with someone you 


But Sometimes don't you guys dream of going on a special date? 

I would like to suggest you guys " couple massage date". ;)

Couple spa or couple massage can relieve your stress away and is perfect chance to 

have intimate time. 

Recently, a lot of spa brands offer couple massage events, pretty decoration and wine 

services to attract couples. 

Yakson house offers Face resizing program where we massage face and body to 

revitalize your body and make your face small and more balanced. 

Facial Balance is absolutely necessary not just for aesthetic reason but also 

for your health. 

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