Monday, December 9, 2013

Yakson House:Special Bridal massage

Special Bridal massage
Special Bridal massage 
One thing many of the Brides forget or neglect is a special bridal massage that they must follow. The massage will give you a beautiful line and fair skin from the shoulder to the back. Regardless of your natural complexion, The massage can give you a healthy and perfect look. Remember that a good bridal massage improves blood flow to your facial skin and make it look fresh and full of life. 
Yakson House massage
Yakson House massage
 The massage has now been added to the list of available massage options at Yakson House.  Massage is not only physically beneficial, but also emotionally supportive as mum-to-be prepares for one of the biggest changes in life.

Special Bridal massage
Special Bridal massage 

Special Bridal Care

Yakson House’s intensive care will bring your bridal look to perfection.
Every woman dreams to be in her best for her wedding photo shoot and her wedding. Fair skin and the beautiful line extending from the shoulders to the back are the perfect elements of a beautiful bride in her wedding dress. Also for perfect honeymoon bikini look in her bikinis professional and systematic care for the skin and the body line is an absolute necessity.


Photogenic face & body
Pure & Brilliant skin
Best skin condition for make-up
Slim back, shoulder and arms
Beautiful shape of body

Body shape + face

Lower body shape care▶arm shape care▶back resilience care>lower body resilience care▶pelvis resilience care▶lower body resilience care▶rib resilience care▶abdomen relaxing care▶arm resilience care▶ collarbone & shoulder care▶ face nourishing care▶face expression relaxing care or face shape care▶ face mask pack▶lymph mask pack

Weight + face

Lower body shape care▶arm shape care▶back waste elimination▶lower body waste elimination▶lower body lipolysis▶rib waste elimination ▶abdomen waste elimination ▶arm waste elimination▶abdomen lipolysis▶ collarbone & shoulder care▶face nourishing care▶face expression relaxing care or face shape care▶ face mask pack ▶ lymph mask pack

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