Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Korean Abdominal Massage with Yakson House

 Abdominal massage is a much underrated and underused in the United States. People usually think about their back and shoulders first when it comes to booking a massage in the U.S.A. Also, most Americans are a bit self-conscious about their stomachs. If you can get past that, the benefits of abdominal massage are pretty extensive, particularly if you have a massage therapist who is trained in specific techniques suited for that area of the body. The stomach is the first place many people feel stress. A relaxed abdomen allows you to protect the internal organs, your body accumulates more fats in order to protect them if you have problems with your liver, heart, intestine, and stomach. It creates a wonderful sense of being calm and centered.
This massage should be performed when you have time to remain in a resting position for 5-10 minutes following the massage. lie on your back with a pillow under your knees. Place the palm of one hand over the palm of the other hand. Gently massage with Golki Therapy around the entire abdomen. Once complete, gently knead your abdomen from right to left.
Yakson House will help lose the extra flesh on your abdomen and improve your health by tackling the fundamental causes of your weight gain.
Abdominal obesity, especially visceral fats can have serious effects on your health. As one major role of fats is to protect the internal organs, your body accumulates more fats in order to protect them if you have problems with your liver, bile, heart, intestine, spleen, stomach, lung, colon, kidney, or bladder. If this problem continues, your organs will not function properly, resulting in digestive problems, constipation or even more serious diseases.


Losing fat abdomen
Elastic abdomen
Slim waist
Easily digest
Regularity of intestinal functions

Abdomen Care

BBack shape care▶abdomen shape care▶rib resilience care▶abdomen waste elimination▶ abdomen lipolysis ▶abdomen mask pack

* Golki therapy means a combination of the principle of bosa of bones for promoting blood circulation by stimulating bones with hands and beauty programs. It's world's first health-beauty therapy as it the alternative Qigong healing bone treatment methods developed by Byung-chul Lee, the Chairman of Yakson House. :D

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