Friday, November 1, 2013

Arms Massage with Yakson House Massage Therapists

Arms Massage
Massage is a treatment by itself, which relaxes and stimulates the muscles. Purpose of massage in Arms and Hands is that it increases blood circulation of the skin, improves the skin textures, enhances the appearance of the skin, induces complete relaxation and increases flexibility of the muscle and joints.  
Arms Massage
After initial consultation you will be seated on the massage chair. you will remain fully clothed and I will discuss with you if I will be using oils. I will then begin the massage treatment on your arms.  I will be massaging arms, and around the shoulders. I will inform you when the massage treatment is finished. 
Yakson House Korean Massage usually takes between 30-60 minutes.
Arms Massage


Slim arms
Elastic arms
Body waste elimination
Armpit whitening

Arms Care

Arm shape care▶arm muscle relaxing care▶arm waste elimination▶Lower▶arm mask pack

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