Monday, October 7, 2013

On beauty in Korea: Smaller Face Phenomenon

Having grown up in Korea, I've heard on more than one occasion that Korean celebrities possess smaller face. the idea being that the smaller face with a small head will have larger features, which show better on screen or snapshot. 

In Korea, this is exactly true. The smaller your face/head, the more beautiful you are. :D 
It may be uncommon for foreigners to be utterly confounded when first met with this phenomenon. Saying like "Gosh, your face is so small" sounds like an inappropriate remark, but it is in fact a high compliment among Koreans.
Facial massage in Yakson House

In contemporary Korea, a perfect face is defined by a combination of the following features: a small face, big eyes, pale skin. Online Korean forums are abuzz with face size discussions because Koreans’ fascination with small faces often delve deep into the celebrity world, with stars with unusually small  faces are asked to hold up every-day objects next to their heads…even busting out measuring tapes for proof!
 The Yakson House massage program for face reduction is originated from the phenomenon. 
  The cultural fixation on small face has even coined a new term: V-line. To Koreans, a small and oval face must be even smaller to create a V. (If you want to get a massage service, we provide the blogger right now. simply click this to know the details
As Koreans are obsessed with small faces, popular cosmetic surgery procedures involves shaving down one’s cheeks and jawline to undo what mother nature gave you. :( 
It's proof that Yakson House has to offer after face massage 10 sessions, So you can get a good results by massage your face from therapists. :D 
 That's why we use a face mask to measure how smaller your face is after the session. 
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