Friday, September 13, 2013

[Yakson House] Detailed Yakson House massage therapy reviews

Hello! Massage lovers? 

Fall's come, my mind is so high.(not talking about the drug, just a feeling)
sometimes quite and depressed, isn't it? <3 

For today, I wanna tell you about the most curious questions on our Yakson Massage. 

So here are some FAQs posted on the Q&A menu of the Yakson House. please feel free to ask any questions. We'll sincerely answer any questions in detail and in terms easy to understand :)

bow legged

Q 1. My mother s in her fifties with O-shaped legs. When walking, she feels knee pain sop her steps falter when she walks. I s it possible to correct curved  legs that cause pain so she can walk properly? 

Answer: The Yakson House's leg straightening care program is very good for your health and it can also be a beauty care program. The reason behind curved legs is wakened muscles, resulting in a widened and twisted pelvis. We correct the widened pelvis and thus, straighten the legs as a whole. 
Under external pressure, bones increase the amount of absorbed calcium. This enables effective osteoporosis prevention 

from Yakson Manager Park Ha-na

Arms Care

Q 2: I have some questions about the arms and legs care programs. I am going to wear a dress this week. I wonder if the care results in any bruises. 

Answer: The Yakson House's arms care program produces no bruises. In the arms care program, we find out the fundamental causes of fattened arms and help facilitate good lymph circulation, resulting in reduced arm circumference, and elastic and slim arm lines. This program proceeds with the arm Golki therapy, arm meridian massage, arm fascia care, and mask pack care, in this order, which takes 30 mins to one hour. 

asymmetric face

Q 3: I'm a college student It seems that the positions of my eyebrows, eyes, nostrils, and lips are bilaterally asymmetric. only one sole of shoes is worn out. And the sizes of my legs are clearly different. I wonder if all such problems can be treated. I also wanna correct my bowlegs, too. Does the body correction work even through my pelvis and spine are curved? 

Answer: if you receive our facial balance care program, all problems will go away. The Yakson House's facial balance care program is designed to find and manage any causes of imbalance from head to toe, leading to a balanced body and a symmetrical face line. Under the program, you can also receive the leg care program, and this will help manage your curved legs. Moreover, your face will be much more balanced than before. 

full body massage

Q 4: I gained a lot of weight suddenly, so I would like to avail of the 20-time
whole program. I wonder hot often I should undergo treatment. I'm gonna stay at Korea for about two and a half months. 

Answer: In general, it is effective to receive the weight care treatment for three times a week if you wanna watch your weight. Thus, I think it is good to come and receive the treatment twice a week if you plan to stay here for 2.5 months. We at Yakson House enhance muscle elasticity and the causes of you putting ion weight. In other words, we put consideration on your body shape and help you lose your weight. Therefore, there is no weight-loss side effect, such as sagging or weakened muscles.